[ART] End of project

Welcome back everyone,

As we arrived at the final moments of our game production, this will be my last message on this blog (before the presentation to the jury).

We have come a long way and we have created many cool things.

The most important part of this project was learning what the game industry is all about. As we where with only a few members, we all had to do many jobs during the months, making us more talented in multiple tasks.

My personal last tasks where kind of the same that i did before. There was only way more pressure. I’ve been making a second map with all its structures and destructables. And i’ve been creating more media like music and trailers, together with reuben victoor.

As you might have seen above, the link to the web builds and the download of our project are finaly here! I hope you have enjoyed watching us grow in this project.

Thank you for following us, and i wish you all the best.




[DEV]Collapsing of buildings

First thing I did this week was helping out Matthias with the movement of the firetruck to get it ready for Flega.

While creating the build for Flega a mysterious bug popped up. When you wanted to return to the menuscene from out of the merica scene. The animator state wouldn’t trigger. The bug popped up this late because it wasn’t happening in the Editor of Unity itself. After some debugging I found out my TimeScale wasn’t being reset to 1, which would break the animator because it was using Scaled Time. After adding an extra “Time.TimeScale = 1.0f;” after the LoadScene command, the bug was solved.

Lesson learned, test your builds beforehand, and don’t trust Unity.

Next up was implementing the collapsing of buildings, which is a pre-simulated animation created inside 3DS Max. Also made the troublemanager timers controllable by curves, so I don’t longer spawn one fire every 30 seconds.

[DEV] Tools for Artists

Making a city consist of a lot of objects. To make it a bit easier i made some tools to make the placing of items and thus constructing a city in general a bit easier.

With my ‘Object placer’ you can easily place & rotate objects which are predefined. You can scroll between the objects and iterations. There is also a grid and angle snap.


Because Fences are a bit different I made a different tool for fences so you can quickly make a long fence around a house’s garden. Here a grid and angle snap is also present. There is sadly no realtime shower like the object placer.


There is also a Traffic creator to create our traffic system with. This one is more technical and is not that interesting to look at since its still a lot of work to create a system.

These tools help our artists as wel as us to fasten our production, nevertless I found them quite fun to create since it was something new for me.

[ART] Particles & character


This week, I’ve made several particle systems necessary to bring life to our game.

It still looks very dead on-screen, everything is static. We wanted the player to be able to bring life to the city with chaotic driving…

I’ve made an explosion particle, to be detonated after the player hits a car. I’ve also made a trash explosion particle for when he hits a trash compound and a water hydrant explosion when he hits a water hydrant.

I’ve finished rigging the Murican fat character and made two animations: one for panic, one for happy cheering after the fire is extinguished.
I didn’t get around to making the balloon and confetti particles yet, this will be manageable in class tomorrow.

See ya next week!

[ART] New and better…

Welcome back everyone!

Previous weeks where a couple of rough ones. We had several deadlines and a lot had to be done!

According to the feedback two weeks ago, i had to make a new scene for Merica. Previous scene was way to big, which concluded in way too much free space. Leaving a messy look.

So, i remade everything that had to do with the streetplan. This time i created a smaller city with a cosy, funny feel.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This map has been tested and approved by our colleges and some professionals.
This happend during FLEGA cafe in our school building.
This happening left us with very good feedback. So we now know where to focus on!

Want to know more about the FLEGA happenings? Click this link:

After this important day, i have been working on animations for buildings. More precisely, when they collapse. THis animation is now ready for all the buildings.

Next up for me personally will be adding some more details on the roofs, but mostly, adding another scene in the theme of merica. This time, more rural.

The end is getting near, but the morals are high! Ready to make this game as awesome as possible.

Thank you very much for reading, and see you next week!

[DEV] Challenge mode and bugfixing

Finally finished a Challenge mode and did a lot of bugfixes.
At the moment most of the features are included into the final game except for the soundmanager.
Other stuff that is included but most definitely not in its final form is the entire time management of the game for where and when to cause fire. Was waiting on the art for this so I can balance it out with regards to where the buildings are positioned and which ones.
Another larger part is the eventsystem to handle the menu input. Currently it kind of works, also the settings menu is unusable with a controller.
There also several places where small bugfixes or small additions need to happen,
  • the scaling of the splashscreen.
  • Re-enable beehives, should be just setting a flag active and work straight out of the box, but didn’t had time to properly test so left it turned off.
  • Use for all destructables dissolve shaders.
  • Implement the animated destruction of buildings.
  • Add more Particle effects: the fire hydrant, …
  • Make fire hydrant a destructible so it respawns
  • Make cars move slower when on fire, and destroy them when necessary.
  • Add at least one extra challenge mode
  • Traffic manager, mostly finished but the roads and sidewalks still needs to be laid out with splines which consumes a lot of time.

[ART] A busy couple of days!

Hey! This week, there’s an art overhaul! Or did you really think our programmers would ignore all this fancy game art we’ve been making?

Despite Kevin’s efforts at a beehive, we’re happy to remove prototyping models for the real deal.

In the past week, I’ve updated the following:


New water particle, conform our chosen art style. Still not 100%, because we can’t get fluent, organic shapes with particle systems.

New smoke particles. Previously we used tires from a car as meshes, now we’re using billboarding. The new particles look much better.

Particles for hydrants. This includes the strong, upwards water spray and a slight mist where the water spreads. This isn’t the final version, but it is a good basis for something that will return.


Added a typical L.A. Palm tree.

Made a new bee hive.

made a fat American character, one version nearly rigged, another version sitting on his disabled scooter. This character is completely textured.

Made a flag, and tested animations. Apparently vertex animations cannot be exported to Unity, so we’ll have to find something else for that. The flag is in the scene, but is unfinished as we do want it to have cloth simulation. Unity’s built-in cloth simulation seems an overkill for what should be a simple looping animation.

Lastly, I’ve been a small help to the new scene. Daan had already made the street plan and enough fill buildings, this week he placed them all according to his vision. I was amazed to see that when he left the scene, it was already nearly finished: All props we had made, had been used to a maximum extent. I’ve filled it up even more where possible, and tweaked the lighting so it matches our original plan.


– A dynamic interactive start menu

– Collapsing animations for all building

– Finished HUD and UI art

Ofcourse, we will also apply the feedback of the teachers.

[DEV] Challenges

First I reworked the saving and loading logic a bit for the settings, so it would also work in a browser. When using a non-browser build settings will be saved at the location of the program. Otherwise it will use the PlayerPrefs.
Next I started working on the challenge mode. Which still needs a few hours of coding before it can work, and of course a menu button so you can even start it to begin with.